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Dedicated To Those Who Wait At The Bridge

This page has been the hardest to complete. Every time I read it I remember just how much I miss each and every one of my wonderful companions.

Bud and Bruiser were litter mates. They were the only two to survive out of a litter of three. Their mom, a golden retriever named Gladrielle, came to live with us and less than one week later, on August 16, 1985, gave birth. The people she came from had no idea she was pregnant. (Or, at least, that's what they said) Bud and Bruiser were supposed to be placed into new homes just as soon as I thought they were ready. Strangely enough they were never ready!!! Bud did weight pulling for awhile and really enjoyed it. His top weight he pulled was 900 pounds. Bud passed away in his sleep on April 4, 1997. 

Belle Of The Evening Mist, C.D.
Belle was a real sweetheart!! She could no longer live with the older couple that owned her so she came to our home. Belle was 4 years old when she came here and as wild as a March hare!!! Within seconds of being introduced to my son, then 3, she had de-stocking capped him and de-mittened him. Being a typical golden she settled in quickly. Belle and I did obedience and she earned her C.D. We also competed on a team with our friends. It was while we were training for Open I noticed something wrong with her eyes. After an exam it was confirmed she was going blind. Belle retired from the obedience ring in June 1996. She passed away from liver failure on April 9, 1997, only 5 days after Bud. My daughter, who was 10, said the sweetest thing when I told her of Belle's passing. She said, "Belle went because she knew Bud would be lonely and she is keeping him company."

Bruiser, MB-CD
Bruiser got his name for exactly what it sounds like. He was a bruiser. When he nursed he pushed his brothers out of the way to get to the teat he wanted. He adored Bud and would clean his brother's face until it was soaking wet. After Bud passed away Bruiser never seemed to be as happy. I think he missed him as much as we did. Bruiser was registered with the Mixed Breed Dog Club of America and earned his C.D. title. He loved obedience and consistently scored in the 190's. Bruiser was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcom in December 1998 and he passed away on January 3, 1999.

Memories Quincy To The Rescue, CGC
He came to me in the summer 1994. His previous owners were going to put him to sleep simply because they didn't want him any longer. Quincy was a quiet and reserved older gentleman. He lived his days being pampered like the king we thought he was. He suffered from Laryngeal Paralysis, but due to his age surgery wasn't an option. Quincy was diagnosed on November 24, 1999 as having Osteosarcoma in his rear leg and passed quietly to the bridge on February 15, 2000. We estimated his age at somewhere around 13 years when he died. Quincy was one of the first dogs to earn AKC’s Canine Good Citizen award.


Sassy was a joy!!! She came to live with us because her owner had back problems and was unable to care for her any longer. Sassy and my son 'connected' right away and although she was suppose to be up for adoption my son convinced me to allow him to train her. What's a mom to do? Since she was raised around cats and domestic bunnies she was great with all other animals. She knew basic obedience and spoke on command. Sassy was a typical Golden Retriever. She loved water!!! When my son was fishing in the local streams and ponds you could always find Sassy close by trying to convince my son he should throw the stick/ball/bumper one more time. Sassy had emergency surgery to remover her spleen on Memorial Day 2006. She was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcom and we lost her the morning of July 21, 2006.

Memories Magic Contessa, CD, RE, CGC, (aka 'Tess')
Tess came to stay with me because she would go under anything to get to someone who will pet her and give her the attention she thinks she so desperately deserves. We placed her several times, but her escape artist tactics always ended her back with us. We fell in love with her and her 'forever' home was always right here.
When Tess came to us she was incredibly insecure and submissive. Any time anyone reached out to pet her she would cower and piddle all over the floor. A correction of any kind would have sent this dog into a quivering mass. With wonderful guidance from my friends, David and Leslie S., I worked with her to overcome these things and she became a completely different dog. Her true golden temperament came through and she was a wonderful member of our family. Tess passed her Canine Good Citizen Test on the first attempt, and competed in AKC obedience and rally.  She had her Companion Dog title and her Rally Excellent title; also competed in agility but never gained any titles due to a fear of the teeter.  She also went with me to dog educational programs to help educate the public about obedience, rescue, and Golden Retrievers.   Tess stopped eating which was uncommon for her so off to the vet we went.  She was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia and died February 10, 2007.  She was truly a once in a lifetime dog for me and her passing rocked my world to the point I thought I may get out of dogs completely.  Fortunately God had other plans and brought Blaze into my world.  I needed him as much as I believe he needed me.  I will never forget Tess as her spirit accompanies me every day of my life...


CH Jen 'N Di's Ringside Kid V Adam (aka 'Ringer')
We brought Ringer home from his breeder, Diane Wright (Jen N' Di's Keeshonden) on Thanksgiving weekend 1997. A Keeshond's temperament is very different yet similar to a Golden Retriever's. They are very active, love children and people in general, and want to be included with the family. Ringer was Adam's and he trained Ringer for everything they competed in.  Adam finished Ringer's conformation championship Memorial weekend 2002.  Adam was just 13 yrs old.  Quite the accomplishment for a boy and his dog!!  We lost Ringer on December 29, 2009 of heart failure.  Adam received much support and prayers as he said good bye to his best bud.  We know Ringer will be waiting for us but it doesn't make it easier when we're the ones left behind.


Memories Quest For Gold CD, RE (aka 'Romeo')

We got Romeo when he was10 weeks old. He came from Parab Golden Retrievers in Washington and was born on April 12, 1997. Thanks Pam for letting us have this wonderful boy!!! Romeo was such a joy!! He had a true golden temperament and was always willing to please, loved and was gentle around children, and liked all the other animals he met. Romeo's favorite toy was a soccer ball.  Romeo retired from the obedience ring and enjoyed life from his futon! Romeo died unexpectedly on April 23, 2010.  He had spent the day outside in his favorite deck chair enjoying the spring sunshine, came in and ate his supper (even begging for some of mine), but later refused a cookie which was not like him.  He died in my arms... 


Cody was born in September 1994. He was surrendered to rescue because his owner no longer wanted him and refused to come get him from the Newcastle Humane Society even though they called her to let her know he was there.  Cody was thunderphobic but became deaf with age so only got upset if he happened to see lightening.  Cody was the perfect gentleman in the house which was his preferred place to be. He didn't get on the furniture, but did like to lay on the multiple dogbeds available. Cody liked to communicate to Steve when he thought it was time for a snack or supper.  Cody passed away from old age on February 10, 2011 at the wonderful age of 16 1/2 yrs old!!  We celebrate his life and wish all our dogs could be with us that long!