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Memories Golden Retrievers

Ruby was running in the street when a Good Samaritan found her.  The good Samaritan is Cindy, who owns Baron, another rescued golden.  Cindy knew just who to bring her to!!! After calling my husband to get his assurance he wouldn't disown me, Cindy brought Ruby to me. (I was at one of my dog club meetings)  It was the week before Thanksgiving and I was afraid that Ruby had escaped from her owners while they were away for the holiday.  I contacted the Humane Society, Metro Animal Control, and placed ads in the local paper.  I also took her to my vet for a thorough once over and to check for a microchip.  No one claimed her.  After about a month of checking to see if anyone had reported a golden missing I accepted the fact that Ruby had been abandoned.   

Ruby didn't automatically come with the name 'Ruby'.  She was named after Cindy's grandmother whom Ruby reminded Cindy of.  Ruby and Cindy's grandmother had the same "busy bee" trait.  Ruby was in constant motion of some kind whether it was running, chewing, or just checking out the backyard.

A couple from Colorado inquired about her, they fell in love, and on June 1, 2002 they gave Ruby her forever home.